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What is Intuitive Eating?

Learn how to eat without guilt, foster body respect and never diet again

Intuitive Eating is a dynamic process that integrates mind, body and food as it seeks to promote trust with your body by honouring your hunger and fullness, whilst addressing your physical and emotional needs.

Despite popular belief, health is independent of weight. Engaging in health-promoting behaviours supports longevity, irrespective of ‘body mass index’. No strict diet needed (you read that right!).

No diet plan and no diet guru know you as well as you know yourself. For so long, diets have been in charge, but not anymore. We teach you how to become the expert of your body to live your most authentic life.

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Your 10 Step Guide to Food and Body Freedom

Intuitive Eating is a process that integrates mind, body and food that seeks to promote a healthy attitude towards food and body image whilst meeting your physical AND emotional needs.

It achieves this by going back to basics and attuning your body to your intrinsic hunger and fullness cues. Like a newborn, you listen to your body cues to dictate when and how much you eat. Therefore, eating is influenced mostly by biology rather than emotional or external pressures.

The end goal you ask? Diet freedom and a side of pure bliss!

The truth is, the mere contemplation of going on a diet brings urges of cravings for ‘sinful’ foods.

The pursuit of thinness and attempt to control what goes into your mouth by following rigid rules and unrealistic expectations leads to overeating.

Dieting cannot fight biology. In fact, research shows that semi-starvation – akin to starvation or famine – is associated with accelerated weight gain and an increased risk of becoming ‘overweight’.

Logically, if we stop restricting in the first place our bodies will be able to find their natural healthy place of rest – called your set-point.

Cue Intuitive Eating.

Intuitive Eating encompasses 10 principles and seeks to address cognitive distortions and emotional eating. It sees satisfaction as the focal point of eating and physical activity, and aims to use nutrition information without judgement, respecting your body and honouring its needs.

The Ten Principles

Are you ready to take back control and live a life you love?