Six eating disorder affirmations you need to hear today

journaling affirmations eating disorder recovery

Incorporating self-affirmations can play a significant role in our personal journey to recovery from an eating disorder or a challenging relationship with food. Well-timed and consistent affirmations have been shown to improve health, relationship and educational outcomes, with long-term benefits…

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How to shop for clothes and embrace body neutrality

shopping body neutrality

Body image is such a big topic in the health space, and we know it is impacted by so many factors, including age, size, mood and even clothing. (1) Clothing has been around for around 100,000 years (2), initially serving more practical purposes …clothing today is more focused on aesthetics…

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What to do if you can’t feel your fullness

feeling fullness intuitive eating

‘Feeling your fullness’ is one of the ten intuitive eating principles. This article will explore what this part of the intuitive eating approach really covers and how we can strengthen our interoceptive awareness. This will help us to recognise bodily cues to eat and live more mindfully.

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