Can changing my diet help me to fall pregnant?

fertility nutrition

While we can’t guarantee you that changing your diet will yield a positive pregnancy test on your next cycle (we wish we could!), this article will talk you through the dietary changes that are backed up by research to support optimal fertility.

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Five tips to help you get your period back

no period amenorrhea

To break it down, hypothalamic refers to the part of the brain responsible for regulating reproduction, known as the hypothalamus; amenorrhea means the absence of menstruation. So hypothalamic amenorrhea is the loss of the menstrual cycle due to a disruption to the hypothalamus.

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How to cope with food comments

food comments disordered eating worth

In the space of the time it takes from plate to palette, we can come to internalize these comments and equivocate the portions on our plate with the proportions of our body.
Something as simple, innate, and natural as eating becomes complicated by the burden of socially conditioned expectations.

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How do I stop binge eating?

how do I stop binge eating

This week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week here in the UK, and this year’s focus is on Binge Eating Disorder. As part of Embody Health London’s contribution to this important cause, this article shares five of our top tips to help you to stop binge eating – for good!

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